Getting Your Image Onto The Web


Welcome to the home of WebKarnage!

WebKarnage is a small team dedicated to enhancing web access and presentation for individuals, and small to medium sized business.

We can custom make many pieces of the site, including a 'theme' used to style your site. This gives your site the individual look you need, and keeps development and future costs down. It makes life simple should you have a change of logo and wish for a change in colours to match for example.

We use the very latest web technologies where they count, and can deliver small or vast sites with secure areas, e-commerce, client update-able content (no weaving skills needed) and much more, while making sure your site is 'search engine friendly'.

The WebKarnage Team

Whether you need a website, a network, some training, hosting or some specific coding, we might just be who you need! From our studio here in a leafy area of South East England, UK, we get to help people from South Africa, Australia, the USA and Europe. Our main coder Karn also produces episodes of the Sitepoint podcast and is actively involved in several forums such as the Realmac Software forum supporting RapidWeaver. Sarah, our proof reader and artist (generally the sensible one!) tries to keep things on an even keel. We also have Barbara who is our photographer (take a look at the image above!) who provides us with custom images for the jobs in progress.

With regards to web design, we use a variety of software depending on requirements. RapidWeaver provides efficiency and speed with great options to deliver professional looks with the minimum of time, and therefore cost. We favour Espresso for hand coding for absolute flexibility and code efficiency, but with higher time and money costs. Talk to us about these and other options as to what suits you, there is no magic arrow!