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This area of the site will be a growing source of information, tutorials and soon themes for those using RapidWeaver. RapidWeaver is a program for Mac OSX written by the team at Realmac Software. It caters for any level of weaving experience, from the beginner to the seasoned pro.

There is a great forum for RapidWeaver you can visit HERE. You will find many helpful users there, willing to help the beginner, or the advanced person with the more obscure tricky problems too.

CSS Stylesheet Inside RW

We have a new screencast here, and it's a long one! It's over 25 minutes! It's all about adding a stylesheet to your RapidWeaver projects inside RapidWeaver, allowing you to edit theme styles and still be able to update your chosen theme when the new version comes out.

It also shows you how to use the Web Developer tools built into Safari's WebKit inside RapidWeaver itself to help you do the job. We only have a quick download link for it right now, but there will be a more detailed text style tutorial to go with it. We actually use this on this very site.

It is a little rushed people, as I'd promised this long ago, so please forgive the random feel to the cast and the quiet audio, but it's been long overdue.

CSS Screencast

Theme Editing Basics

This tutorial is designed to help people get 'under the hood' of a RapidWeaver theme to make those little changes you really need. We provide links to useful apps to help you edit the files contained in the theme.

Styled Text Tricks

Styled Text areas are available in many parts of RapidWeaver, and in many plugins too. It is one of it's big strengths. Learn here how to start making the most of what this big part of RapidWeaver has to offer.

Image Warehousing

Want to include a lot of images, amybe many heavy ones but want to keep RapidWeaver running very efficiently and quickly? This is for you! Upload your images using FTP and call them into your RapidWeaver project with some simple HTML we take you through.

Rollover Logo

A tutorial to show you how to add a logo with a mouseover type effect to your RapidWeaver project. We either add it to the project, or to the theme used.