Getting Your Image Onto The Web



Here at WebKarnage we are involved in web design projects in a many different ways. We are used as consultants, for full designs from scratch, editing/updating existing sites, coding certain parts, or just sometimes we are employed by clients for training in general web design and coding or more specific training on RapidWeaver for example.

Whatever your need or requirement, you can contact us about it for a straight forward response.

Small Business Sites

This is possibly the most common source of requests from clients. It could be a complete fresh build, possibly a report on how to improve the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or anywhere in between. Small businesses are now aware that a positive web presence is an important part of how they are found by customers and what the customer's overall perception is. It really mustn't be underestimated, and shouldn't break the bank either. You don't need to compete with the BBC's online output to make a big difference. It's clarity and quality that will count.


We can offer some very flexible options when it comes to training. Specific areas of web design, specific software, network troubleshooting, even general computer housekeeping and maintenance are offered.

More often we finding clients wanting training as part of a package with a new website. Once all the hard coding has been done, then the training can help the clients take over the upkeep of the site. Solutions include content management systems and more.


We have a flexible attitude toward web design, and while we can give you a guideline or two, get in touch to find out exactly what suits you and what the costs will be. If you wish to revise the design many times and have detailed input, it will increase the time on our side and therefore increase the cost, but can get you a website finely tuned to your needs. We like to spend time with intial contact to find out what our clients need from us and what we need from them. It is a 2 way process, and we need to have our responsibilities set out clearly from the start.

Client Resposibilities.

These often include images, details of the business and employes. More time consuming is the copy required for the website, and while we can suggest the sort of thing required, the client has to feel it represents them, and when it involves their area of expertise, we may be able to help with wording but will not have the clients detailed knowledge of their business - that's where the client's knowledge is paramount.